About me

Born in 1955 and one of only very few left alive from my class at school, I consider it a privilege to be still around. My wife Maryna (see her website at www.creftor.com) is a very talented artist and teacher and a fabulous companion and very lovely to boot. I have four children from two previous relationships and have definitely ‘been around the block’.

Born in Congo-Belge, 14 years in Beirut, Lebanon, a few years at school in the UK, some time spent in Djibouti, 25 years in Bielefeld, Germany, then 8 in Adelaide, Australia, six months in Farnham, UK, the next 3 ½ years in Ukraine and now back in Germany in a place called Dersau, Schleswig-Holstein, not far from Plön, where I work in Boatbuilding.

I hope that you find these few pages that document some aspects of my life interesting. Enjoy!