War in Ukraine

Due to the current situation in Ukraine, I have other priorities than posting my irrelevant rubbish here.

My dear wife’s whole family are stuck out there, in Khmelnytskyi, Kyiv and Kharkiv, so two of the cities right in the middle of all the troubles. We keep in touch as much as possible, but that will be more and more difficult as time goes on, assuming that they remain alive. Her mum and dad are in relative safety (so far), her 17-year old nephew is studying in Kyiv and her brother is 45 and has to serve in the military now. God only knows where.

I also have many close contacts from my time out there who are now being split up as families and the men being sent to fight.

I shall refrain from airing my opinions of the World response (and lack of foresight/preparation/hindrance of the situation), any more than to say that I am disgusted at their burying their heads in the sand/looking the other way, when they all knew exactly what is and has been going on for at least since 2014.

God bless and protect those in the Ukraine and the rest of the world when – and I choose my words carefully – when the situation inevitably boils over into Europe and the rest of the world.