Musical notes

The Gallato Gypsy-Jazz guitar à la Macaferi, Petit-Bouche-Style

Top, the morning light streaming into the kitchen in Dersau, evening light streaming out!

One day I’ll get back to playing 🙂

I have not only played, but also spent years repairing various wooden stringed instruments, mainly contrabass and guitars. I built a few solid-bodied basses and a lot of balalaikas, too – in all sizes! When I get a workshop together, I’ll build a few more, too 🙂

At the present, despite the time limitations imposed by a new edition to the family in the house, trying to slowly get back to playing guitar and bass (at the moment electric bass guitar). Difficult at the best of times when working full time and with a family at home, I hope after a few years to have mastered the skill of effective and regular practice to bring me forward bit by bit.

Below is the view of the back wall in the ‘living-room’, Maryna’s and my workshop and Armstrong’s playroom most of the time. Hidden amongst the guitars and other things, there are a multitude of percussion and small wind instruments… can you spot them?

Oh, and yes, the sewing machine works beautifully and is used mostly to make clothes and covers for Armstrong, I sew, Maryna knits! The rocking-Horse is waiting for a mane, saddle and stirrups -the list goes on of ‘things to do’…