Light Miniature Aircraft scrapbook

In the next few weeks I shall be adding quite a number of scans and pictures, (as time allows with Armstrong around…) advertising material and newsletters from Fred McCallum, the owner of LMA and the designer behind all the aircraft which he sold as kits or later, as plans. Particularly interesting for some is perhaps the information on floats, which might be useful for all small aircraft and other versions of the cub and similar.

Personally, I am interested in making and fitting leading-edge slats to my LMA Supercub, possibly also squared-off wings and longer or deeper flaps for more slow-speed control and shorter take-off and landing performance. Don’t really need the to go the whole hog on the Alaska theme, but more slow-speed control is desirable with my limited skill as a pilot!

Anyone with information, drawings or ideas along this line, please get in touch!