Bike Notes

Above my 1992 Husqvarna 610 TE taken about 8 weeks ago. This is the most modern bike that I have ever owned! Actually a full race motocross job with Nicaseal barrel and forged piston etc., and really ‘only’ around 570cc, it puts out an honest 50 horses, which for its 109kg, is a whole lot, believe me. I changed the gearing to make it tamer for the road and a bit more comfortable at speed and added pillion footrests (VERY hard to find that fit for this year – there are a few different ones about). Had to learn all over again how to kickstart, as this one has the kicker on the left, like a Desmo 450 Ducati. Now I fully appreciate the joke about being able to pick the 450 Desmo Duke rider from 200 Metres away – by the limp!

Hey, it took a week or so, but the knack was quickly acquired – at least until I fitted the pillion footrests… I had to modify my technique yet again, as the footrest got well in the way at the start (pun not intended). All is well now, but caused a few bruises on the calf, I can tell you, despite Motocross boots.

But what a bike! More fun than a barrel full o’ monkeys 🙂 Loud, tall and VERY nippy.

Next picture is the bike fitted with the 19 Litre tank I recently acquired, which at least will mean that I can go a full week without having to fill up! Who knows, I might even treat myself to some proper tyres for it before the winter.