Well, I always have enjoyed photography and everything that goes with it! Whether analog or digital, each have their advantages and cost, of course. Let’s start with the Analog side of things.

I suppose that I am a bit ‘old school’ in this respect, as I still get a lot of pleasure from analog photography enormously, despite some of the obvious drawbacks in this ‘modern age’ of digital photography. The difficulty of getting decent film, finding someone to develop the film, to print the negs (at better than contact-print quality). All very tedious, having just moved from England to Germany.Time will tell, of course, but it is still a ‘challenge’ which has to be overcome.

Nonetheless, I still believe that my 1970s Minolta camera and lenses can equal the sharpness and ‘resolution’ of any Digital up to at least 24Megapixel, if not better, despite being restricted to 35mm film. The same goes for the Leicas and indeed quite a few of the Leitz screw-mount lenses – most of which I will never be able to afford 🙂

I have a modest Digital camera with 7 Megapixel, which I bought around 10 years ago and so is a few hundred generations out of date and is no way comparable to any digital camera available today. My phone has three times the resolution, to put that squarely in perspective. In fact, the camera has a very good camera, the only deficit being the lack of ‘manual’ possibilities to override all the ‘features’. As a point and shoot, though, takes damned good snaps!